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Clayton Woolley

The one we are trying to Rescue!

Missing from the Woolley family since:

Note to Clayton:

We're still fighting for you! 

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A Bit About Me

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Timeline of the Rescue Clayton Case

March 30, 2018

March 31, 2018

April 12, 2018

April - August 2018

August 2018

December 20, 2018

  • Found baby Elijah unresponsive in his bed. 

  • Clayton Woolley was taken from us and placed in the foster care system on 03/31/2018.  No one in his family, relatives, or friends have seen him since.

  • Glory Woolley was taken from us and placed in the foster care system on 03/31/2018.  She was 2 1/2 weeks short of being 18 years old.

  • Two weeks later after Elijah's death on April 12, 2018 the Woolley Grandparents, Bill & Lisa, were arrested. They had taken Elijah's five-year-old brother, Clayton, to "kids space" in Muskogee where they put him through a forensic interview which availed nothing criminal and was clean. Then A SANE nurse took him in for an
    exam but chose not to use the recording equipment offered at the center in speaking with him. In her hearsay statements, she claims that Clayton said Papa's PP touched his butt one time in the shower. They put Clayton through six interviews all together and they were all exonerating and he clearly says he was never hurt and neither was his brother in our home, except for this one interview that was not recorded. Based on this statement alone the Woolley's were arrested and put in jail for four months awaiting preliminary hearing.

During the Woolley's first time in jail they missed and lost many things:

  • Bill Woolley was employed at Delta Global Services 12 years and only had 2 years before being able to retire with full free flight benefits for life on Delta Airlines. After the arrest he was let go. 

  • Bill lost his real estate position with Keller Williams as an agent.

  • Lisa lost her Sheltie dog breeding business she had since 2006.

  • Bill & Lisa missed Glory's birthday in April while in jail.

  • Bill & Lisa missed Glory's High School State Rugby Championship game in April of 2018 which they won.

  • Bill & Lisa missed Glory's High School National Rugby Championship game in May of 2018 which they won

  • Bill & Lisa missed Glory's High School Graduation held in May of 2018 where she graduated with high honors.

  • Bill & Glory missed out on Glory's graduation trip to New Zealand after arrest.

  • Bill & Lisa missed Desiree's birthday in June while in jail.

  • Bill & Lisa along with all the family have missed Clayton Woolley's 6th birthday on July 12, 2012.

  • Bill & Lisa missed Glory's beginning of her college at Oklahoma State University.​​

  • At the preliminary hearing our bond was dropped by about 90% and we were out. **This is strange because they still claimed we were "guilty", if we were "guilty" why would you bargain with us to get out?

  • Bill and Lisa missed Bill's father's funeral and service when he passed away from a massive heart attach in January 2019 while in jail.

  • Lisa and family missed Bill turning 60 years old while in jail.

  • Bill and family missed Lisa's birthday while in jail.

  • The family has missed all holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mothers day, and Fathers day since March of 2018 while in jail and away from Clayton.

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