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Some of the suspicious child disclosures supposedly proving abuse and or rumors DHS have reported over the years:

  • Clayton when handed a lollipop said, "I like these. I have to practice."

    • (Clayton was often rewarded with a lollipop if he stayed focused during practicing his sight words)

  • Clayton was asked to choose a code word to use if he was beginning to feel overwhelmed. The code word that Clayton chose was purple popsicle.

    •  (We regularly made grape juice popsicles with molds we bought from Wal-Mart and sometimes Clayton helped)

  • More recently some DHS personnel reported to a media source that there was lubricant found on the baby and the dog too, who was very sick at the time and ended up passing away. Yet nothing in the Medical Examiners report, toxicology report, OSBI report or dog autopsy report claims anything like this. When the media source promised to investigate this allegation if they would just forward any documentation or proof suggestive of this being true, none of these DHS workers produced anything.

We have no doubt that there are probably many more fabricated rumors that cannot be substantiated circulating throughout DHS to help them continue to feel justified in keeping Clayton hostage.

** If anyone is aware of any new ones, please forward to this site. We are happy to answer with evidence.**

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