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This petition is a plea for justice, a call for the return of Clayton Woolley who has been unjustly taken away from his family by the Department of Human Services (DHS) in Oklahoma. Over the past six years, Clayton's family has been fighting tirelessly to bring him home. Despite proving their innocence and demonstrating that Clayton should be returned to them, they have faced an uphill battle against a system that seems corrupt and without accountability.

Clayton's story is not unique. There are countless other children in Oklahoma and across the nation who have been unfairly removed from their homes by DHS/CPS and other state agencies. These children are often placed in unsafe environments, far from the love and security of their families.

These organizations were created with the noble intention of protecting children from harm but it appears that it has lost sight of its mission. The system needs reform so that no more families have to endure what Clayton's family has gone through.

We as legal and law abiding citizens are calling for immediate action to rectify these situations - starting with bringing Clayton home where he belongs. We are also calling our state magistrates to investigate the allegations of fraud, misconduct, or corruption that has led to the extortion of innocent and defenseless children and the abuse of primarily low-income and minority families incapable of rescuing their own children from the state agencies. Further more we are calling on state legislators to bring forth legislation that would provide greater transparency, change, and accountability within these state agencies so no other families suffer this heart-wrenching ordeal again.

Please sign this petition to show your support and be a voice for the voiceless demanding justice for Clayton and all other "Clayton's" whom have been unjustly taken.

**Out of state people can sign this petition, please note your State in the box below.

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