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Evidence & Documents

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Below you will find links to some of the evidence for our case for Clayton Woolley.

Expert Testimony from Grundy

Below are attached reports from two of the top psycho-sexual evaluations which incorporated a lie detector aspect and a physical response test showing Bill Woolley having zero propensity or attraction to children of any age.  Reports from Dr. Curtis Grundy and Dr. Richard Kishur. The Report from Dr. Kishur has a strong summary of the Sexual Interest Test.


Below is an attachment of the main court transcript and full testimony of Dr. Schmidt under oath.

Transcript from 1st Preliminary Hearing

Below you will find a transcript from the 1st preliminary hearing on July 31, 2018. There are account from a SANE (Sexual Abuse Nurse Examiner) Nurse.

Worley's PI Statements

Below you will find PI statements from the paternal grandparents.

Woolley Recuse

Natural mother's motion to recuse and motion for evidentiary hearing.

Elijah's X-Ray Scan

Image of Elijah's X- Ray Scan

List of Strong Evidence 

Below is a list of evidence that builds a strong case for our innocence, it is a very clear and mounting list of evidence.

Kyle Johnson Notorized Statement

Below is a notarized statement from detectives supervisor, Kyle Johnson.

Audio Transcript

The below button will take you to a motions hearing audio transcript from December 1st, 2020. 

Letter to the Chief Medical Examiner of Oklahoma

The below button will take you to letter to the Chief Medical Examiner of Oklahoma, requesting an amendment to the original ME Report for our grandson.

Expert Testimony from Grunow

Dr Grunow, a pediatric colorectal specialist who is world recognized was asked to interpret the autopsy x-ray of Elijah’s body and specifically his pelvic area since the Tulsa ME failed to address it at all in her report. No One is more qualified to interpret pediatric colon x-rays. This doctor discovered that baby Elijah’s x-ray indicated that his rectum was completely full of hard, dry stool. He pointed out in his report that if a child is sodomized, whatever stool is in his rectum will naturally be displaced by any penetration.

Dr. Robert Block

Dr. Robert Block is a world recognized child abuse expert.  Dr. Block has also testified hundreds of times in court, always for the DHS/prosecution except for twice for the defense of which we are one. The button below will take you to Dr. Robert Blocks letter that is his profession response and opinion after reviewing the documents and case of the Woolley's.

Click here to see Dr. Robert Blocks CV. 

Dr. Carl Schmidt

 Dr. Carl Schmidt is one of the top in the nation, he is a chief ME in Detroit and Wayne County. He is a published child abuse expert. He has testified in court about 500 times over his distinguished career...only 3 times for the defense of which we are one of them.

Click here to see Dr. Carl Schmidts CV.

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