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The Woolley's Story


This letter refers to Bill and Lisa Woolley's cases who were falsely accused and incarcerated for a total of eight months for first degree murder and abuse of their baby grandson, Elijah after he was found deceased in his crib on the morning of March 30, 2018. They had legal guardianship of him as well as his 5 yr old brother, Clayton, while the boy's mother was going through a hard time. Lisa yelled out and their youngest daughter (17), Glory, came running from the bedroom next door as Lisa held Elijah's lifeless body, now cold and rigid. Glory immediately obeyed her mother's cry to "Call 911!" Soon the property was filled with people from the Sheriff's office, ME office, and DHS. The investigator called to lead this investigation, while in route to the scene, spoke to his supervisor and said, There is no such thing as SIDS, so I know this was a murder. The older brother was already at school for the day and had no idea all this had happened or was going on. According to a lead officer's testimony the detective did not want to get a search warrant and they had words. The next day the investigator and 10 other Wagoner County Sheriff's vehicles pulled up and knocked at the door. They were welcomed in as Bill and Lisa wanted to do all in their power to help them find out why the baby passed. The investigators confiscated all media from the home (which turned out to be clean) and then took DNA swabs from the Woolley's and their daughter's fingernails and mouth. (No DNA implicating them was ever found though they tested twice). Much exculpatory evidence was left behind at the scene and discovered after a few days such as 2 weeks of dirty diapers from Elijah. The Woolley's asked why they wouldn't take the diapers to see the difficult constipation problem the baby had and to analyze for DNA since they were now accusing the Woolley's of daily sexual abuse. At that time the Woolley's, still believing that the investigators motives were true, volunteered gladly to go down to the station for questioning where each of the 3 were separated and questioned one at a time. Unbeknownst to the family, while at the station, their grandson, Clayton was whisked away to Kid's Space in Muskogee for forensic interviewing. This is over 4.5 years ago and is the last time anyone in the family or related to the family has seen him at all. This length of time has been a situation that the DHS perpetuated and then turned and used the argument that he has been gone too long to go home. When confronted with this in a meeting they had no real answer. And yet, if a child is kidnapped and gone for however many years, no one has any problem with the child going back to his family directly. Further, the evidence, reports and witness statements make it very clear that he has not bonded to his foster placement at all and to this day expresses his desire for his family and to go home.

Two weeks after baby Elijah passed they were charged and  arrested for alleged child abuse and  enabling and remained in jail awaiting their preliminary hearing for 4 months. They were let out after prelim but rearrested 4 months later to be incarcerated for another 4 month stint with accusations of murder and now awaiting a 2nd prelim where they were,to everyone's amazement , offered an unheard of bond of only 12.5k from what had been a million dollar bond and was later completely denied any right to bond at all.


Clayton, over the next few days was put through 6 interviews and in the weeks and months that followed, 1 or 2 more. Even the ADA took her liberties to interview him personally and privately. Each interview was consistent exonerating the Woolley's except for the one hearsay interview that was unrecorded, had no witnesses present, and was shown in court to have many discrepancies. The interviewer claimed that Clayton made many wild accusations and spoke in a way far advanced for his age and obvious speech impediment which she claimed he did not have. She claims to have spoken to no one else, not even the detective, but it was later learned that she had in fact. 


Over the months and years that followed, evidence for the defense continued to emerge. Glory was subpoenaed to testify at a multi-county grand jury against her parents as they were seeking an indictment. After she spoke with the jurors about the things she knew and they saw the prosecution's evidence, the jurors refused to bring an indictment against the Woolley's. Within the continually emerging new evidence, it was discovered that 2 of the interviews little Clayton had gone through had been hidden from the defense for a year or more. These were of course the strongest and most directly exonerating. Among other things were the psycho-sexual evaluations administered to Bill by leading experts in Oklahoma which were sent to the prosecution but went unacknowledged. They were cleanly passed as was an actual physical response polygraph test administering proving there was zero propensity or attraction to children of any age. Possibly the most impactful evidence was when the Chief ME of Detroit and published child abuse expert, Dr. Carl Schmidt evaluated all records, reports, ME photos and tissue samples then shared his findings in court and proved to all how none of the accusations could be true. (It was also noted that baby Elijah had NOT ONE of the tell tale indicators that MEs are trained to look for when someone has been suffocated such as petechiae, signs of struggle, deformity or depression of the high points of the face, signs in the lungs, fabric imprints, etc. ) Along with Dr. Robert W. Block, the revered DHS expert witness for many decades, who had many years of testifying on behalf of the prosecution and on behalf of 100s of DHS cases throughout their distinguished careers found no evidence against the Woolley's but stated that to the contrary - he only found evidence that showed that the Woolley's took great measures to be sure Elijah was well taken care of. In both cases these world recognized experts showed that the accusations against the Woolley's were not true and they laid out the faults, oversights, discrepancies, and errors in the original Tulsa ME report from the unaccredited office showing that nothing put in the Tulsa report could support or confirm the TulsaMEs own assessment or accusations of any type of abuse or murder. Ironically, the same detective who decided before arriving at the scene that he was coming to a murder scene since SIDS did not exist, personally attended the autopsy, present with the ME, watching the whole thing.


After over 3 years of hell, losing everything, and hiring 14 attorneys for all family members, all the charges were dropped against the Woolley's on March 26, 2021. To this day the DHS, the DA, family Judge and others who have had statutory authority to affect the healing and restoration of the Woolley family have refused to use it. Clayton, now very traumatized, is still held even in the face of mountains of evidence as they refuse to help restore him. His family continues to fight for his return relentlessly, but their cries are blocked and ignored by all parties and at every turn. Ironically, in June of 2020 the lead ADA made a proposition through Bill's attorney to present to Bill and Lisa. The offer was that if their family agreed to not pursue custody of their grandson, Clayton, and give him over to the foster Mom they would arrange for all felony charges to be dropped and for the Woolley's to have “generous" visitation with Clayton (proving to the Woolley's and the defense that they in fact did not even believe the Woolley's were dangerous to children or guilty of the crimes for which they accused them!) There were many incidents that also testified to this. Attorneys and state representatives are prepared to testify to having such conversations with those from the DAs office. Similar statements have been made by supervisors within the OK DHS. Some have already given sworn statements to this effect.


More heinous still was the discovery that the DHS caseworker corrupted the case throughout and influenced the judges by misrepresenting and interjecting many false statements, completely fabricated assertions which in no way could ever be substantiated since they were completely made up. It also seems apparent that the foster Mom has been greatly influenced and made fearful of the Woolley's and not kept informed about the case or their exoneration. Scathing and slanderous remarks that could never be substantiated were shared and spread by the foster Mom. Soon it will be known who influenced her. The more the Woolley's went through the  discovery for the criminal cases the more they discovered fabricated evidence. The caseworker even used fraud to initiate the DHS case to begin with as an email was discovered buried in the paperwork showing her reaching out to her supervisor to help her "make up a cause " because they knew they hadn't one that.  She needed one to write in the paperwork to put before the judge! Then she kept corrupting as many as she could influence with lies that are documented and many confirmed by witnesses. So to sum it up the whole case is fraudulent and should not be honored or even regarded as valid as its built on a house of lies. The reason they had no cause to start a DHS case against Clayton's Mom and the Woolley's grandson should have gone directly back to the Mom while the Woolley's were falsely incarcerated is because Mom was doing so well and there was no cause. She was well into her 2nd year of sobriety, on staff (NOT a student) with Teen Challenge and working full time as the supervisor of the deli downtown, had reliable transportation. had a safe and other DHS approved housing for children and their Mom's. Thus DHS had no legitimate case and so the case worker needed to make one up to gain inroad and charge of the Woolley's grandson. She also continually misrepresented Desiree (Mom) in court as only being a student in drug rehabilitation when in fact she knew she had already graduated and had been hired as staff long before.The Woolleys have heard that there is an court order prohibiting all contact with Clayton yet to this day, they have never been notified or served anything. If true, this would be a direct violation of their civil rights as it prohibits them from having due process (a hearing or any opportunity to respond to any accusations yet undefined).


Why does Jack Thorpe the DA and /or judge  Brown not dismiss the whole fraudulent case as illegitimate and stop supporting it???  The proof of fraud is abundant.

It's very difficult to understand what the true motivations could really be for keeping this child from his family and the Woolley's are relentlessly demanding answers and fighting for the restoration of their youngest family member, day and night!

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