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Latest Update (12-22-22)

Image above: Autopsy X-Ray of Elijah's Pelvic & Rectal Area

We have been informed by several sources that someone in the Wagoner county DAs office has been actively circulating pictures of baby Elijah‘s autopsy to various people in various positions of authority. Obviously, unless they are experts in the field with a trained eye, these people will not understand or be likely to properly interpret what they are looking at. Just a few examples lest this become a full-blown novel!  It would seem that DAs office likes to point out that the autopsy pictures of baby Elijah’s anus indicate that it is enlarged or dilated. This is true. They also seem to want people to notice that there is discoloration around the rectum. This again is true and to the untrained eye can appear to be bruising.

Dr. Carl Schmidt is the chief medical examiner of Detroit, one of the largest cities in the United States and his facility fully accredited by the National Association of Medical Examiners.. He is one of the foremost respected experts in his field. He is also a published child abuse expert. He himself performs  approximately   30 infant autopsies each year and overseas approximately 60 to 80 more which are performed by the staff that he has helped train. After careful review of all autopsy photographs, tissue samples, records, reports and tests, he definitively concluded that the dilation of the anus was due to the fact that baby Elijah passed away and was found with a bit of hard dry stool protruding from his anus which caused it to be open and dilated. After removing the protruding stool the anus stayed open because rigor mortis caused it to remain locked and stiff in that enlarged position. 

What about the discoloration around the anus? Dr Schmidt showed and explained how this discoloration was caused by Venous congestion (blood pooling in the veins such as can be found in people with chronic bouts of constipation from straining. (From the beginning it was explained that baby Elijah regularly suffered from bouts of serious constipation) Venous congestion can also be an indication of the beginning and formation of hemorrhoids in people. Dr. Schmidt reported a completely normal rectum and anus.


Then the State's and DHS's own top revered Pediatric, medical expert, Dr. Robert Block reviewed the autopsy records and concluded independently the very same things. In his statements. He said that the only thing he could find was evidence that Elijah‘s guardians went to extremes to do everything in their power to remediate baby Elijah‘s struggles. (See. Fox 23 News report from Ap.1,2021)

A third specialized expert, Dr. John Grunow, a pediatric colorectal specialist who is world recognized was asked to interpret the autopsy x-ray of Elijah’s body and specifically his pelvic area since the Tulsa ME failed to address it at all in her report. No One is more qualified to interpret pediatric colon x-rays. This doctor discovered that baby Elijah’s x-ray indicated that his rectum was completely full of hard, dry stool. He pointed out in his report that if a child is sodomized, whatever stool is in his rectum will naturally be displaced by any penetration.


——-Other points of interest——

Well trained medical examiners are taught to look for many telltale signs particularly when there are allegations of possible sexual abuse and asphyxiation. Some of these are:

* petechiae (these are little broken blood vessels in the eyes from being suffocated. All doctors found Elijah’s eyes to be clear and white.)

* deformity of the high points of the face such as nose or chin (no evidence of depression or deformity was found by any of the doctors)

* blood(not a drop was found anywhere on the baby, in the baby, on the bedding or in his diaper by any of the doctors)

* loose teeth (all doctors found that the teeth were firmly set and intact

* fabric imprints or burns (none found by any of the doctors)

* slap marks or any signs of struggle on the baby (none found by any of the doctors)

* evidence of faint finger marks on the back of the head or neck(none found by any of the doctors)

* evidence of asphyxiation found in the lungs or airways (none found by any of the doctors) 

* emptying of the rectum due to stool being displaced by penetration (rectum was found to be completely full with hard, dry stool such as in a constipated child)

* Tissue samples to indicate any kind of injury to the body (Tissue samples are cut from the body and placed on slides to be examined for evidence of injury, abuse or trauma. (no evidence of blood infiltration indicating any type of wound was found by any of the doctors. All slides of tissue samples were found to be clean and free from blood)


**** Important to note concerning blood in tissue samples:


Wounds whether lacerations, hemorrhages, bruises, perforations etc. involve blood infiltration into the surrounding tissues or openings. 

No blood=No wounds. 

Every single slide, including the originals done by the local unaccredited Tulsa ME office had no blood infiltration at all!

Each and every “mark” on baby Elijah's body was addressed and explained by the experts and everything was found to be normal for a deceased infant with naturally occurring discoloration from lividity marks.


So what did the unaccredited Tulsa ME office have?   2 things: 

1. An unexplained death of a baby

2. A rogue detective with an abusive childhood of his own who determined and stated before ever arriving to the scene that there was no such thing as a SIDS death. So he declared that he was going to a murder scene. Additionally this same lead detective, attended in person the autopsy of baby Elijah, present together with the Tulsa ME throughout.


For confirmation, more explanation and details concerning baby Elijah’s autopsy please click on the “evidence” option.  Here you will find an abundance of irrefutable evidence in the medical experts reports, the court transcript from March 29 of 2019, two clean DNA reports from OSBI as well as two psychosexual evaluation test results administered by two independent experts. One of these extensive tests included an actual physical response test to determine if there is any attraction to children and also incorporates a polygraph component.

——————————————————————————— A note about the The value of ME office accreditation:

An accredited office has to meet guidelines and follow standards, protocol and has more oversight and accountability. This is part of what the National Association of Medical Examiners provides. The Tulsa ME office lost its accreditation nearly 20 years ago and has not been able to regain it since.

Dr. Schmidt's Report
Dr. Blocks Report
Dr. Grunow's Report
Elijah's Autopsy X-Ray
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