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Who has the authority to bring this family back together?

Oklahoma Statutes Title 10A

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About the District Attorney 

Jack Thorpe is the DA of Wagoner County and has the statutory authority

to help restore family but for some reason, refuse to use it but would rather

push it to someone else. We have wanted to resolve this privately. We have

reached out to him, the DHS, judge and caseworkers on many occasions and

through many means but we have been blocked at every turn and our cries

ignored for years. 


Though we have never been notified or served we have heard that the DHS

judge for the deprived case (which is now closed according to the DHS and

the judge) has put in place a court order for bidding us to have any contact

with our grandson. Of course that would negate our constitutional rights to

due process which according to several of Oklahoma best attorneys, negates

valid court order. The DA has been aware of this problem but has done

nothing to change it. 


And finally, the most baffling points of all in trying to understand why the

DA is refusing to use his authority to help restore family, are these:


  1. In June 2020 before all the charges had been dropped the DAs office extended through one of our attorneys a proposal to be presented to us:  if we would surrender pursuing custody of Clayton and give him to the foster mother they would in turn drop every charge and we could have generous visitations with Clayton going forward. This would certainly seem to negate the need for a no contact order!

  2. More recently, in March 2021 Jack Thorpe told an investigative reporter and is quoted on FOX23 News on April 1, 2021 as saying, “ The Woolley’s attorneys could move to expunge all of their records and wipe the arrests off the record”, adding, “I don’t know that I would object to that!” 


So obviously the real reason that they are keeping our grandson from our family is not because they believe that we are guilty of the charges for which they originally accused us. Any public servant who professes to believe in treating their innocent constituents as innocent if not proven guilty will not just give lip service, professing to hold and honor these values but the actions they take or do not take will speak volumes about what they really believe. 

Our prayer and earnest hope is that Mr. Thorp is one who sincere in what he would profess to believe.

Do not say to your neighbor, "Go and come back tomorrow and then I will help you when you have it in the power of your hand to help them today." Proverbs 3:27-28.

"...the authority that God gave me for building you up and not for tearing down..." 2nd Cor. 10:8

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Send Jack Thorpe an email asking why he is not using his authority to bring Clayton Woolley back home to his family!
Jack Thorp's Email:

Other actions/efforts to bring Clayton home!

Please prayerfully consider sending an email asking for these people to do their part to reunite our family and bring Clayton Woolley home!!
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