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The Rescue Clayton Podcast

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Gabe Woolley & Morton Media 

Produced By: Morton Media
Hosted By: Gabe Woolley

The Rescue Clayton Podcast: Coming Soon

Upcoming Podcast Episodes That Need Funding: 

Episode 2 : 'A Cost Of Careless Work'

Gabe Woolley, certified Social Worker, Traci Hicks & retired Oklahoma DHS worker, Kay Saunders, discuss Psychology and trauma as it pertains to Clayton's situation. 

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Traci Hicks, MSW, LSW
(Master of Social Work & Licensed Social Worker)

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Kay Saunders, BS, Social Work
(Bachelors of Social Work & Licensed DHS Worker) 

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Episode 5 : 'The Bargaining Chip'

Gabe Woolley sits down with his sister, former caretaker and aunt of Clayton, Glory Woolley to discuss how Wagoner County officials used her as a bargaining chip against her family as well as her perspectives on the Woolley's story. 

Episode 4 : 'A Bias Revealed'

Gabe Woolley and Woolley family Pastor & Counselor, Marybeth McElroy, sit down and discuss her inside perspectives while counseling Bill and Lisa Woolley from within the Wagoner County Jail and the bias the investigator revealed to her.

Episode 1: 'Guilty Until Proven Innocent'

Gabe Woolley and his mother, Lisa Woolley, discuss her time in jail and the unethical practices she witnessed within Wagoner County. 

Episode 3 : 'An Attempted Life Sentence'

Gabe Woolley and his father, Bill Woolley sit down and discuss Bill's time in the Wagoner County jail as an innocent inmate for 8 months. 

'The Spiral Of Silence'

Gabe Woolley and former educator/published author, Nancy Huff discuss impacts of trauma and how they manifest within the classroom as well as a call to action for Christians and Americans. 

We love you, miss you, and are praying for you Clayton! We will NEVER stop fighting!
Clayton's Time Kept From Family
About Rescue Clayton
In 2018, our grandson was taken from us by DHS under false accusations. Since then we have been fighting to bring him home, all charges have been cleared and we've been proven innocent. was created to give you a the full history, story, and evidence. We are praying and seeking for our family to be reunited with Clayton.
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